You Deserve A First-Class Business Travel Company

As the industry leader in the corporate travel segment in India, Corporate Travel and Facility Management (CTFM) understands the complexities of modern-day business travel and most importantly, your business travel needs. With a solutions driven and customer-first approach, CTFM has been at the forefront of creating tenured relationships with all our clients and customers. . It is this relentless commitment to creating a value-driven culture, inspired by the spirit of innovation that we continue to invest in new-age technologies to strengthen our core capabilities. Our comprehensive bouquet of services give us the opportunity to offer customized and unique solutions to every client. After years of managing travel, we're able to secure unbeatable value and best experience for our clients. And we can go much further, working closely with you to develop a corporate travel program tailored to your needs. ...

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Creating Business Travel Solutions with your Goals in Mind

Corporate Travel and Facility Management (CTFM)can help you save time and money, regardless of the size of your business.

We design bespoke Corporate travel management companies for SME’s through to large multinational companies and our experience of travel programme management has shown that organisations can achieve best-in-class incremental savings up to 25%. These saving are generated as a result of:

Better cost control – improved economies of scale

Process improvement – integrated technology delivers the best deals and service

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Our Specialised Services

We believe in customer satisfaction

At Corporate Travel and Facility Management (CTFM), we understand that incredible customer service is the foundation of a sustained and successful relationship with our clients. Our customer centric approach gets us the understanding of their current needs and ensures that our strategy is backed by meticulously designed products and services. We understand our customers feedback and analyse their experiences. Basis the analysis and measurement, we take actions to achieve optimum satisfaction levels. The results of this feedback activity are based on the study of the following parameters - On- Time Performance, Responsiveness, Quality, Refer to Friend and Customer Satisfaction.

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Why Connect Me?

CTFM Subject Matter Experts are well equipped with domain knowledge, benchmark data, techniques, and proven experience to deliver a full spectrum of services that helps enterprises reduce travel spend and also positively influence traveler behavior.

In the modern world, to maintain high levels of procurement performance businesses must continuously evolve the way they source, contract, influence and measure travel activity. CTFM can help make these travel programs smarter by bringing-in modern sourcing and measurement tactics for better spend outcomes.

As such, CTFM delivers customized solutions that help enterprises extract best value from their travel programs by monitoring, controlling and reducing travel spends. It includes review of client travel policy, travel booking, payment and expensing processes, procedures and systems; analysis, benchmarking and meaningful insights from travel spend data; travel procurement support and statutory compliances (e.g. GST reporting).

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Our Hotel Partners


Travel Desk – IT Company

" The passion you feel from CTFM is overwhelming. They ‘’want’’ to work with you! It’s no wonder their core value is ‘putting clients first

General Manager – Television Industry

"We selected CTFM based on the expertise in corporate conferences and events consolidation, and we have not been disappointed."

Admin - Insurance Company

"Corporate travel and facility management has been the right solution for us, and their guidance has been simple to execute getting our feet back on the ground."