Corporate Travel is deeply committed to sustainability/corporate social responsibility (CSR), which we call Responsible Business. It is important to us that our strategy focuses on the areas of most importance to Corporate Travel and our stakeholders. To understand their views, we engage with our employees, customers and suppliers on a regular basis and consider their feedback when deciding on the issues and opportunities to address and report on.

Responsible Business Governance

How we implement the Responsible Business strategy day to day.

Ethics and Business Behavior

How we conduct business ethically.

Human Resources and Human Rights

How we attract, develop, reward, retain and engage a diverse workforce. How we uphold Human Rights across all our operations and in our sphere of influence.


How we minimize the environmental impacts of the company.

Responsible Products and Services

How we integrate Responsible Business into our product and service offer.

Community Involvement

How we support the local communities in which we live and work.